Flights of Fancy: Bird Motif Jewelry is Trending

Sterling Silver Rings from the Daniela Villegas Collection for Ferragamo
Sterling Silver Rings from the Daniela Villegas Collection for Ferragamo. Photo Courtesy of

Birds have been a familiar jewelry motif as long as women have worn jewelry. Yet, like other very specific jewelry references – horses, butterflies, bugs, ballerinas – bird jewels are a matter of personal taste. Some people collect them, while others think they’re, well, strictly for the birds.

This season, however, bird motif jewelry is trending in top fashion magazines and blogs, and on Social Media. It might have something to do with two new collections – one from a name you know and another from a name you will know. Let’s take a look.

Ferragamo Sterling Silver Bird Motif Bracelet
Ferragamo Sterling Silver Bird Motif Bracelet. Photo Courtesy of


Gold Birds in Nest Dangly Earrings from Daniela Villegas for Ferragamo Jewelry
Daniela Villegas for Ferragamo Gold and Diamond Earrings.
Photo Courtesy of

Florence-based fashion house Ferragamo has launched a new jewelry collection in collaboration with Los Angeles artist Daniela Villegas. The Daniela Villegas for Salvatore Ferragamo collection features eight sterling silver pieces, including parakeets, parrots and birds of paradise, some with purple amethyst and green topaz.

The sterling pieces range in price from $240 to $790. A four-piece edition in gold and diamonds will be available in selected stores for $4,000 to $10,000.  

Birds are not new to the Ferragamo brand. The 89-year-old company has produced silk scarves screened with birds and other nature motifs since the 1950s. Like the scarves, Ferragamo’s new bird jewelry designs are destined to become must-have collectibles.

Of Rare Origin's Birdcage Earrings are Trending
Of Rare Origin’s Birdcage Earrings are Trending. Photo Courtesy of

Of Rare Origin

Birds in their gilded cages are the subject of the wildly popular Aviary Collection from Of Rare Origin. Mother-daughter team Leslie Tcheyan and Octavia Giovannini-Torelli launched this New York City-based brand in January 2016. In less than six short months their statement earrings have been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, and Antiques Magazine, just to drop a few high-powered media names. Aviary Collection Earrings featured: $1,674, at

Designer Looks for Less. Birdcage Earrings by Two's Company
Designer Looks for Less. Birdcage Earrings by Two’s Company, $22 a pair at

Get the Designer Jewelry Look for Less

Want to take a flyer on a piece of bird motif jewelry? If these new collections are beyond your reach, you can get the designer jewelry look for less at online resources like 1stdibs, RubyLane or Etsy. You’ll find many affordable bird brooches, earrings, bracelets and charms from every jewelry era. Just wing it!

Bird Motif Earrings
Bird Motif Earrings. Photo Courtesy of
Bird Cage Motif Earrings
More Bird Motif Earrings Photo Courtesy of



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