Ear Cuffs and Ear Climbers Are Trending

Crow's Nest Dragon Ear Cuff featured in Maleficient
Crow’s Nest Dragon Ear Cuff
Photo Courtesy of NationalJeweler.com

Do you know the difference between ear cuffs and ear climbers? I must admit I was not sure when I started researching this post. Ear cuffs, as their name implies, cuff the outer edge of the ear. Their styles tend to be, well, edgy. Ear climbers – sometimes called vines – are smaller and tend to be somewhat more conservative. Both styles are trending in 2014.

According to nationaljeweler.com editor Hannah Connorton, “Ear cuffs typically feature a design that covers the entire ear, beginning with an anchor at the lobe and extending upward to hook over the top of the ear, ‘cuffing’ its way up. Ear climbers generally are smaller, still anchoring at the lobe but extending about halfway up the ear.”

Colette's 18k White Gold Ear Cuff with Black and White Diamonds
Colette’s 18k White Gold Ear Cuff
with Black and White Diamonds
Photo Courtesy of NationalJeweler.com

Nationaljeweler.com named ear cuffs and ear climbers among the top three trends at the May/June Couture jewelry trade show in Las Vegas. So it looks like both styles are here to stay.

Ear Cuffs

Popular since 2013, ear cuffs have caught on throughout the jewelry industry, with designers creating styles at every price point. What was originally an “ethnic jewelry” look from India has been embraced by all cultures – including Hollywood royalty. Inspired by the Disney film “Maleficent,” starring Angelina Jolie, the single Dragon Ear Cuff by Crow’s Nest is among the genre’s most over-the-top styles.

Halle Berry in Jack Vartanian Ear Climbers
Halle Berry in Jack Vartanian Ear Climbers
Photo Courtesy of InStoreMag.com

Ear Climbers

Vine-like designs in precious metals and gemstones started climbing up the popularity chart earlier this year. They’ve been spotted on film and TV stars including Halle Berry and Anna Gunn during this year’s awards season.

Look for more fine jewelry examples of cuffs and climbers on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards on August 25. And tell us which earring style gets your award – is it the edgier ear cuffs or the more conservative ear climbers?

At OBJ, we’re all ears!



  1. Priscilla Carter

    Those ear climbers on Halle Berry looks amazing!!! i want those cause from the past I wear only ear climbers. I purchased similar ones from Luca+Danni and I wish I can find the ones that on her!!! Any help? Their branding is not selling those ear climbers anymore.

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