Celebrate National Honey Bee Day: Gumuchian Jewelry for a Cause

Gumuchian B Collection

August 16 is National Honey Bee Day, and no one will be celebrating more than New York-based Gumuchian Jewelry. Earlier this year, the mother-and-daughters-owned company launched their Gumuchian “B” Collection of 18k gold and diamond jewelry inspired by the Honey Bee. This delightful collection of honeycombed and bee-shaped jewels salutes the threatened species; partial proceeds will go to HoneyLove.org, an organization that supports home gardens and urban beekeeping.

A Buzz-Worthy Idea

According to HoneyLove.org, bees pollinate 80 percent of the world’s plants, so the declining Honey Bee population is affecting the planet’s food supply. One in every three bites of food consumed in the U.S. alone is a direct or indirect result of bee pollination.

Charm Bracelet from the Gumuchian B Collection
Photo by Erika Winters, Pricescope

Designer Patricia Gumuchian created the Gumuchian “B” Collection of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces to bring attention to the problem. Reached yesterday at her New York headquarters, Patricia had this to say:

“Our existence is fragile and our ecosystem is dependent on bees. Honey Bees are the pollinators of not just our backyard gardens but a substantial amount of our agriculture is dependent on the Honey Bee, making them a vital contributor to the overall health of the environment. We have hopes that our collection will bring awareness to the dangers in the Colony Collapse Disorder and that others will help in the fight against the decline of the Honey Bee.”

Honeycomb pendant from the Gumuchian B Collection
Photo by Erika Winters, Pricescope

“B” Mine

Starting at $1,400, the Gumuchian “B” Collection combines glamour, whimsy and wearability at an accessible price point (especially considering its worthy cause). Most of the pieces include a modern hexagonal or honeycombed design.

Cuff bracelet from the Gumuchian B Collection
Photo by Erika Winters, Pricescope

Highlights of the collection include: a wide, hinged 18k gold cuff with diamonds and a single moveable bee; a hexagonal-link charm bracelet with a beehive, honey pot, and more; and a dramatic 77.43-carat hexagonal citrine necklace — the boldest “B” statement of them all.

Gumuchian Jewelry: Designed by Women for Women

Myriam, Anita & Patricia Gumuchian
From Left to Right:
Myriam, Anita & Patricia Gumuchian

The Gumuchian family, which has been in the diamond and jewelry business for more than 100 years, has offices in New York City and Antwerp. Their thoroughly feminine gold jewelry, including their popular equestrian-themed “Gallop” Collection and the 2014 “B” Collection for a Cause, will be available this fall at Dorfman Jewelers, Boston.

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