Art Deco Jewelry Stars in “The Great Gatsby”

Scene from the movie, The Great Gatsby coming to theatres in May 2013
Scene from the movie, The Great Gatsby coming to theatres in May 2013

The Great Gatsby came out in May and is due to be released on DVD and Blue Ray in August 2013.  Read our follow up article. 

Art Deco Diamonds and Natural Crystal circa 1920
Art deco diamonds and natural crystal circa 1920

When Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio walk the Red Carpet on May 15, for the opening night screening of “The Great Gatsby” at the Cannes Film Festival, you can expect that security will be on extra alert. That’s because the film’s stars will undoubtedly be resplendent in Art Deco diamond, pearl and platinum jewels designed by Tiffany & Co. for the eagerly anticipated Baz Luhrmann remake.

The 1920s-inspired pieces, recreated from original designs from the Tiffany archives, include pearl and diamond Flapper-style headbands, platinum Art Deco cufflinks, and long, knotted pearl necklaces with flirty tassels. Tiffany’s Gatsby-esque Ziegfeld Collection in silver with freshwater pearls and onyx is scheduled to be unveiled next month. But ever since word of the film first broke, we’ve witnessed a surge of interest in Art Deco jewelry at every price point, both vintage and new.

Art deco bracelet circa 1925.  Photo courtesy Fred Leighton
Art Deco Bracelet circa 1925

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the now-classic novel “The Great Gatsby” in 1925. He was a contemporary of Louis Comfort Tiffany and it is speculated that the two men ran in the same circles near Tiffany’s North Shore Long Island estate. Certainly Fitzgerald based the book’s fictitious West Egg enclave on this wealthy area (now sometimes called the Gold Coast). The author was said to be a Tiffany’s customer and he alluded to the venerable New York jeweler more than once in his novels and short stories.

In “The Great Gatsby,” the mysterious Jay Gatsby (played by DiCaprio) is dazzled by the much-married Daisy Buchanan (Mulligan). When he famously proclaims “her voice is full of money,” the stage is set for a visual feast of Roaring ‘20s fashions and precious Art Deco jewels that Obsessed by Jewelry fans will long remember.

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Photos courtesy of Gerard Riveron/Dorfman Jewelers; Vintage Jewels from Fred Leighton.


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