Add a Pop of Yellow Gemstone Jewelry to Amp Up Your Style  

Versace's Medallion Prints + Yellow Sapphire Pendant
Left: Versace’s Medallion Prints. On Instagram @versace-official.
Right: Yellow Sapphire Pendant. Photo Courtesy of

The legendary interior designer Eleanor McMillan Brown once said, “Every room needs a touch of yellow.” Her theory was that the human psyche craves sunshine. At OBJ, we think it’s wise to apply this Rule of Yellow to our jewelry wardrobes as well. Yellow gemstone jewelry, including citrine, topaz, yellow sapphires and yellow diamonds, can provide a pop of vibrant color to our fall fashions…and beyond.

Pantone Predicts

Pantone Swatch of Meadowlark
A Swatch of Meadowlark. Photo Courtesy of
Pantone Swatch of Lime Punch
Pantone’s Lime Punch. Photo Courtesy of

The prestigious Pantone Color Institute just announced its top 12 fashion colors for Spring 2018, and two of their selections are not-so-mellow yellows. Lime Punch is “sharp and pungent,” a citrusy yellow that works well to punctuate all those dark prints we’ve seen in recent runway collections. Think lemony citrine and stones in the greenish-yellow range. Meadowlark is a more subtle yellow, “exuding confidence,” but more buttery in tone. Consider  yellow sapphires, topaz and yellow diamonds in this color range.

The Versace Effect

Donatella Versace staged a spectacular tribute to her late brother, Gianni, at her Spring 2018 runway show in Milan. Featuring a riot of Gianni’s taxicab yellow scarf prints from the ‘90s, the new collection was retro and modern at the same time.

The Versace Spring 2018 Collection in Milan
The Versace Spring 2018 Collection in Milan. Photo on Instagram @versace_official.

Look for the Versace effect to hit its stride early this winter when Ryan Murphy’s “American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace” makes its TV debut. Start shopping now for a new yellow medallion-print scarf, and bold gold jewelry with yellow gemstones — real or faux.

Yellow Studs

Did you know that Fancy Yellow Diamonds are the most popular of all natural colored diamonds? However, their price per carat can be many times greater than their white diamond counterparts. To achieve this high-end look for less, try swapping your white diamond studs for a pair of yellow sapphires this season. Watch everyone’s face light up, especially yours!
Yellow Sapphire Studs
Yellow Sapphire Studs. Photo Courtesy of


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