‘60s and ‘70s-Style Jewelry: Boho Chic is Back Big Time

This is a blog post about a reality show about a magazine shoot. In case you missed it, Episode 7 of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo TV explored the super-stylist/editor/designer behind the scenes at a Glamour magazine shoot all about Boho Chic. This ‘60s- and ‘70s-inspired look is best known for floppy hats, maxi dresses, faux fur vests, messenger bags, and hippie jewelry from the everything-old-is-new-department.

And guess what? It’s baaaaaack…bigger and better than ever.

March 2013 Glamour Magazine - You Gotta Go Boho
March 2013 Glamour Magazine – You Gotta Go Boho

In the capable hands of the über-talented Rachel Zoe, Boho Chic fashions and jewels look thoroughly fresh and modern again (this is not your mother’s mood ring). It’s little wonder the editors of Glamour asked Zoe to style their Spring Fashion Issue’s “Gotta Go Boho” feature. Not only did Zoe’s Boho-inspired Spring 2013 line fit naturally into Glamour’s editorial pages, she embodies the laid-back look in her everyday personal style…which millions follow each week on her realty show!

Rachel Zoe and son Schuyler
Rachel Zoe and son Schuyler

Want to embrace Rachel’s chic gypsy accessories style? Think oversized sunglasses (“Sunnies,” she calls them), feather-and-bead earrings, stacked bangle bracelets, tassel necklaces, eclectic headbands, and chain belts…just to name a few Boho jewelry trends.

With all the fuss about the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Punk: From Chaos to Couture costume exhibit, everyone’s time-traveling through a Bohemian rhapsody of ‘60s and ‘70s far-out fashion. These include editors who lived through the original era of peace and love, and newer Bohemian stalwarts such as Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie and the Olsen Twins.

Bracelets at Etsy.com
Bracelets at Etsy.com

But it is without doubt Rachel Zoe, through her enormous influence as celebrity stylist, respected fashion designer and reality show entrepreneur, who is most responsible for bringing her signature Zeitgeist front and center for Spring-Summer 2013.

Look for major jewelry designers to follow suit, and don’t forget to scout vintage stores and crafty sites such as etsy.com for fabulous Boho baubles!


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