5 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Him, Inspired by the Red Carpet

Award winning looks for men - bolo ties and black-tie tie clip worn by Bruno Mars, Macklemore and Zac Efron
Bruno Mars, Macklemore and Zac Efron are Stylish in Bolo Ties and Black-Tie Tie Clip

Right about now you’re probably wondering what to buy your guy for Valentine’s Day – after all, it’s only two weeks away. OBJ suggests that you turn to the red carpet for inspiration. This awards season the must-see men in Hollywood and the record industry are sporting jewelry looks that range from traditional watches and rings…to diamond studs and chains…to ornate diamond brooches, colorful lapel pins and, of all things, jeweled bolo ties! Here are a few ideas – some tried and true, and some worth trying – to help make it a red carpet Valentine’s Day to remember.

Men's Gifts by Dorfman Sterling
A Selection of Men’s Gifts by Dorfman Sterling
Available at Dorfman Jewelers, Boston

Tuxedo Junction. Black tie is the turnout of choice at most awards shows. If you’re invited to a formal event, make sure your plus-one has the proper jewelry. Tradition calls for a set of shirt studs and matching cuff links, but these days they don’t necessarily have to match. Black onyx, mother-of-pearl, and knots of gold are all great choices, and many of the stars’ stylists are mixing vintage and new.

Usher rocked a diamond brooch by Lorraine Schwartz at the 2014 Golden Globes
Usher Rocked a Diamond Brooch
by Lorraine Schwartz
at the 2014 Golden Globes

Return of the Lapel Pin. We saw a wide variety of these little statement pieces on the carpet –including feathers, ribbons, and one massive diamond brooch. If your man isn’t quite ready to borrow your bling, consider a small lapel pin to add color to his everyday blue blazer.

A Thing for Rings. Will the men take a page from the A-list ladies and show up at the Oscars in multiple cocktail rings? Only time will tell. You might want to start your loved one out with a simple gold signet ring, suitable for any occasion.

Think Links. Once he gets used to cuff links there’s no turning back, so get ready to purchase a few French cuffed shirts. Dorfman Sterling’s silver button-style links don’t take themselves too seriously. They work with the aforementioned Tuxedo…and just as well from 9 to 5.

David Yurman Petrovs Horse Signet Ring with Gold
David Yurman Petrovs Horse Signet Ring with Gold

Raising the Bar. In the past few years we’ve seen the tie bar, aka tie clip, make a big comeback, even at formal events. Live from the Red Carpet regulars Ryan Seacrest and Terrence Jenkins are both fans of “anchoring” their skinny ties in this ‘60s style. Blame it on Mad Men if you must, it’s hip to be clipped this Valentine’s Day!

2014 US Ski Team Pin
2014 US Ski Team Pin

Did you know that pin-trading is the favorite unofficial sport of the Olympics? Visit teamusashop.com to purchase a 2014 Winter Games lapel pin he’ll be proud to wear.

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