2014 Engagement Ring Trends: Part 2

Celebrity Engagements: Amal Alamuddin's 7-Carat Diamond from George Clooney
Celebrity Engagements: Amal Alamuddin’s 7-Carat Diamond from George Clooney

Everyone associates weddings with the month of June, but did you know that May and September are the next most popular months to walk down the aisle? Or that December is the most popular month for engagements? According to the Jewelry Industry Research Institute (JIRI), roughly three-quarters of all brides receive a diamond engagement ring (the remainder get other-than-diamond rings, or no ring). This translates to 1.65 million engagement rings being sold in the U.S. in 2014. To celebrate wedding season, here are several 2014 engagement ring trends – along with some general wedding trends that may surprise you.

Diamond Dazzle Stik, The Quickest Sparkle Ever!

Multiple Diamonds with Colored Gemstones

Eternity Bands
Eternity Bands
Photo Courtesy Dorfman Jewelers

Tim Jackson, economist and chief executive of JIRI, reports that engagement ring trends in 2014 include a move toward smaller, multiple diamonds mixed with colored gemstones in lieu of the traditional solitaire. Although the solitaire is still the top choice, OBJ noticed this multi-stone trend earlier this year when we explored different color eternity bands used as engagement rings.

Yellow Stones

Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring
Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring
Photo Courtesy TheOneAndOnlyOne.com

Fancy Color Diamonds – particularly in yellow — are increasing in popularity among modern brides who are looking for something unusual. A Fancy Vivid yellow or Fancy Intense yellow diamond flanked by white diamonds is a dazzling choice. The View’s Jenny McCarthy recently showed off her 10-carat yellow sapphire engagement ring from Donnie Wahlberg.

Floral Designs

Floral Ring by Monique Lhuilier
Floral Ring by Monique Lhuilier
Photo Courtesy BlueNile.com

Intricate floral designs and vintage rings with floral settings are more popular this year than ever. This delicate, feminine look parallels a move toward romantic weddings, many with garden or nature themes.

East-West Settings

The axis of power for 2014 engagement rings has switched to the east-west, or horizontal setting. Thought to make a diamond or gemstone appear larger, this style can be achieved with an oval, marquise or emerald-cut stone.

Neil Lane Diamond Engagement Rings
Left: Neil Lane Diamond Horizontally Set in Platinum
Right: Neil Lane East-West Diamond Ring

Eco-Friendly Rings

The trend toward socially conscious and eco-friendly rings includes ethically sourced stones and/or recycled precious metals. It recently got a boost when George Clooney presented fiancée Amal Alamuddin a fabulous 7-carat “ethically mined” emerald-cut diamond set in platinum.

“Wedding Market Insight Report” predictions for 2014 include:

  • The national average cost for a wedding will remain flat in 2014 at $24,500 to $26,000, compared with $25,720 in 2013. (The average wedding in Manhattan costs $65,824.)
  • The average number of wedding guests in 2014 is expected to be between 130 and 140, fewer than before the recession of 2008, but about the same as last year.
  • Weddings classified as “formal” and “traditional” are on the downswing, while “romantic, fun and simple weddings” including garden, rustic and vintage themes are on the rise.
  • The primary color themes for weddings in 2014 will be blues and purples, including Pantone’s Color of the Year. Radiant Orchid. Silver, gold and champagne are popular while yellows, greens and blacks are declining.

Sources: NationalJeweler.com; JIRI; The Knot


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